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Crew Management

Our Crew Management scheme has been specifically designed to address all operations related to the Human Element onboard a vessel, which is being consisted by a broad range of activities like Crew selection, screening, interview, recruitment, training, briefing, deployment, payment, repatriation, de-briefing, etc. It is a cost benefit scheme for the Ship owner who will have a full reporting concerning all crew aspects and expenses of Company’s vessels. Crew Nationality and Payroll structure Our Management Team is able to provide Crew Selection Solution from various Countries depending on the Vessel’s needs (Type, Trading Area, Seafarer Selection Criteria etc). Monthly Rotation Plan Through our online system, the Principal is always updated with the upcoming Crew Changes aiming to a proper future planning.

  • Appraisal Reports
    CAMELOT integrates its own with the Principal’s Appraisal Reports in order to evaluate the Seafarer’s performance on board as accurately as possible. Appraisal Reports in regular intervals are been delivered from/to our Clients for the effective screening of Crew Performance.
  • Communication
    Effective communication with Port, Travel and Manning Agencies is the key for smooth and low-cost Crew Changes. We undertake to communicate through our own or the Principal-appointed Agencies.
  • Crew Travel
    CAMELOT maintains cooperation with Travel Agencies throughout the World and providing cost-effective, 24-hour Ticketing service..
  • Full or Partial Crew Management Services
    CAMELOT is flexible on Crew Management Services. We may provide Full Services or Tailor-Made to the Principal’s or Vessel’s request.

Important Note  :  Camelot Maritime Ship&Crew&Training not require any manning fee or agency fee from owner or management company.