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Crew Manning

Our Manning Services include from the selection/engagement of a single seafarer up to a full crew complement for a client’s vessel. We have a pool of over 3.000 well trained seafarers, fully ready to join in relevant short notices. Our current leading position in the Crewing Industry, our excellent reputation, our high retention rates indicate our ability to attract and retain qualified, well trained, medically fit and committed seafarers for our Principals.
Competitive Crew Wages basis to Crew Nationality/ies selected and the relevant incentive/bonus plan basis to Ship owner’s/ and Market needs.

  • Recruiting expenses including visas, medical examinations, pre-employment screening and interviewing, STCW documentation, Flag Certification, clients customised clothing packages and safety gear or any other recruiting requirement as per Client’s needs.
  • Accounting Services including all the respective sections (Crew Allotments, Government Contributions etc.).
  • Communication and arrangements with local port agents concerning matters of crew changes.
  • Crew Travelling arrangements using our cooperated Travel agencies or via Ship Owners appointed Travel agents, covering joining and repatriating air tickets domestic and international.
  • Clothing packages as per Clients requirements, delivered to every Seafarer prior joining.
  • Cadetship programs via reputable Maritime Academies for the development of Principal’s future generation of Officers.
  • Primary Insurance up to P&I coverage.
  • Qualitative and Tailor-Made Training for all types of ships, under all applicable regulations in the Maritime Industry via our highly experienced instructors and our newly built Maritime Training Centre and as per Clients requirements.